Author’s Note: The Whole Story

The Bragging Rights League is a unique “what if?” baseball tale about a racially flipped-over America. Unfortunately, these 22 blog posts are also flipped over with the WordPress template I chose. I had assumed there was a button to push at the bottom of each individual post to bring you to the next chapter. Apparently not.

To read the entire story, simply scroll down on this home page, click on “Older Entries”, scroll down to the bottom of that page, push the same button again and you should have everything. You’ll just need to read it all from the bottom up, which isn’t ideal.

I fully intend to publish this in book form in the near future, along with my other blogella, Dear Hank. You can wait and read this in the more traditional “right side up” format, though the printed version probably won’t have all the fun graphics and kick-ass team roster pages.


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  1. Thanks for the update and instructions.


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