The Bragging Rights League is a fictional baseball replay “blogella,” told in 22 weekly chapters posted every Sunday. What if history were flopped on its end, and a team of 1941 white stars were inserted into the thriving, all-black major league for a hotly contested 60-game season? Would Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Bob Feller be able to hold their own against the likes of Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston and Satchel Paige? And what might happen to the players off the field? Heck, let’s find out.

Jeff Polman is a magazine production artist, journalist, and produced screenwriter who enjoys spreading the lure and lore of his favorite pastime on the Internet. Using Strat-O-Matic Baseball as a gameplay template, his previous fictionalized replay blogs were 1924 and You Are There! and Play That Funky Baseball. He lives and rolls his obsessions in Culver City, California and can be contacted here.

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